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Frank Será Padre



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Last, but certainly not least, I am proud to announce the addition of two new members to the MCR extended family. Recently, my wife and I found out we will be having twins later on this summer. I cannot express in words how happy this makes us, it seems everything's turning up Milhouse. I just can't wait to meet the little ones, and may God have mercy on the world now that there will be 2 more Ieros wreaking havoc on the earth.

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Comentarios Frank Será Padre

oh heh stoi en los creditos otra vez!!!
*w* me emociono xq hace un siglo q no entraba al net
i cuandco entro cha cha chan
me entero q fnrakie sera padre
 d twins!!!
haah suerte enanoo

todas t amamos i ciertamente
amar es compartir

aww twins qe lindo!!!felicidades a frankie y jamia!!!:D
sweetrevenge_mcr sweetrevenge_mcr 21/03/2010 a las 16:08
uh pues si, sera igual de emocionante que con lo de Bandit!!!


perdon,pero es que tengo miedo, no he sabido nada de su primer hijo... 
AmelRevenge AmelRevenge 24/03/2010 a las 21:02
ziiiiiiiiiii y la madre zoy yo!

:D jajaja

frank te amoooooooooo! 
wayflez wayflez 15/04/2010 a las 05:06
Anónimo Anónimo 14/03/2012 a las 22:44

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